General Policies

All users must comply with Office of Event Services and University of Florida (UF) rules, regulations and policies Users must also comply with appropriate state and federal laws, and fire and police department rules and regulations.

To best meet the diverse needs of the university community and to maximize utilization of facilities, a priority system will be adhered to for all reservation requests. Note that examples given are not all-inclusive. The determination of priority tier will be made by the Office of Event Services staff. Dates for submitting reservation requests will be published below. Academic classes may not be held in the Reitz Union.

All reservations must be made via our online reservation form.
In order to allow sufficient time for the planning of your event, requests for space should be based on the following minimum advanced notice:

  • Tabling – Submit request at least 1 week prior to the event.
  • Meeting rooms/Auditorium/Arredondo Cafe – Submit request at least 1 week prior to the event.
  • Ballrooms/Large Outdoor Events – Submit request at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Tier 1

  • Complex, annual events that impact the entire university and require coordination with the overall university calendar and extensive advanced planning such as new student orientations, Convocation, Weeks of Welcome activities, Commencement events, Homecoming activities, Student Senate meetings, Student Government elections, student recruitment activities, faculty senate meetings, and other events as approved by the Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services.
  • Campus wide events sponsored by the Reitz Union, GatorNights, Reitz Programming Board, Accent, and SGP.

Tier 2

  • Complex events coordinated by a registered student organization or university department that require substantial advanced planning such as major activities related to cultural month celebrations (such as Black History Month), sorority and fraternity recruitment, superior accomplishment award ceremonies, conferences, and similar events as approved by the Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services.
  • Complex events coordinated by non-university entities that require substantial advanced planning and have been approved by the Office of Event Services to submit requests at this level.

Tier 3

  • All other events, meetings and rehearsals coordinated by registered student organizations.

Tier 4

  • All other events coordinated by university departments or university affiliated groups.

Tier 5

  • All other events coordinated by groups or individuals that are not associated with the University of Florida.
Priority TierRequests Received BeginningEvent Dates Accepted
Tier 12nd week of August 2020Fall 2020 Semester – April 30, 2023
Tier 24th week of August 2020Fall 2020 Semester – April 30, 2023
Tier 33rd week of September 2020Spring 2021 Semester – April 30, 2021
Tier 42nd week of October 2020Spring 2021 Semester – April 30, 2021
Tier 51st week of November 2020Spring 2021 Semester – April 30, 2021
Fees charged for the use of facilities and services are determined in part by the type of group or organization requesting space and the type of event being held. Please read the following definitions carefully to determine the appropriate category for your group. Note that examples given are not all inclusive. The final determination of group and event type will be made by the Office of Event Services staff. Please be sure that all information provided is accurate, as misrepresentations may result in an adjustment of related fees and/or the loss of reservation privileges.

Student Organization: Any meeting or event sponsored by a student organization that is registered with Student Activities & Involvement.

  • Examples: Student organization weekly meetings; student conferences; student performances; guest speakers; banquets

University Department (Level I):Any meeting or event coordinated by a UF department where no funds are collected in the form of admissions, registration, or donations.

  • Examples: Departmental meetings, assemblies, awards ceremonies, training sessions, guest lecturers and etiquette dinners

University Department (Level II):Any meeting or event coordinated by a UF department where a ticket, registration, conference, admission, vendor, or similar fee is charged or a donation is requested from participants.

  • Examples: State/regional/national conferences; donor recognition banquets; luncheons

Non-university:Any meeting or event coordinated by a for-profit or non-profit group that is not associated with the University of Florida, or an individual requesting space for private use.

  • Examples: Proms; corporate dinners or receptions; fundraisers; wedding receptions; graduation parties
The Office of Event Services recognizes that events are sometimes co-sponsored by multiple organizations and entities; however, groups shall not use their privileges for access to space and services inappropriately to “front” for other groups in order to avoid or reduce expenses and/or provide access to campus for unauthorized groups. Groups are not to reserve space for events which they are not directly sponsoring, financially responsible for, actively involved in, and present at. Instances of “fronting” will result in an adjustment of all related fees to the appropriate rate category and may result in the loss of future reservation privileges.
Groups are allowed access to their reserved space at the times listed on their reservation. If your group needs additional time to decorate or set up for your event, please notify the Office of Event Services to ensure the room will be available at that time. Additional charges may apply to groups that do not adhere to their reservation times.
The Office of Event Services reserves the right to assign or reassign specific event locations, as needed, based on the most efficient use of space for maximum benefit to the University community. If a reservation is reassigned to another location an attempt will be made to reach the contact person listed on the reservation via email or phone in advance.
The use of all tobacco products is prohibited on the entire University of Florida campus. Learn more here.
The Office of Event Services or Student Activities and Involvement may require events to be monitored by Student Engagement or Student Affairs Staff and/or UFPD officers. All personnel costs associated with such monitoring will be the responsibility of the organization sponsoring the event.

Reitz Union Specific Policies

Given the high demand for space at the Reitz Union, the Office of Event Services cancellation and no-show policy is designed to maximize utilization of space by discouraging non-use of reserved space. It is important to cancel any reserved room(s) that will not be used as soon as possible so that those spaces may be made available to other groups. Cancellations must be made through our online request system using your account access. Reservable spaces are monitored for attendance and use, and all no shows are recorded by Reitz Union staff. Repeated no shows and/or late cancellations may result in the suspension of reservation privileges.


Must be cancelled by 12:00 noon the day before the event (12:00 noon on Friday for events occurring Saturday, Sunday, or Monday).
First and Second Offense

  • A warning email will be sent to the offending organization after each offense.
  • Subject to a cancellation fee equal to actual rental rate.

Third Offense

  • Subject to a cancellation fee equal to actual rental rate or $35 for areas with no rental charges.
  • All remaining reservations for the current semester will be cancelled.
  • Organization will be placed on probation for the following (non-summer) semester.
  • While on probation, organizations are permitted to use and request space; however, the first late cancellation or no show that occurs while on probation will result in suspension of reservation privileges and cancellation of remaining reservations.

Must be cancelled at least two weeks in advance of the event date.
First Offense

  • Subject to a cancellation fee equal to actual rental rate or $45 for areas with no rental charges.

Second Offense

  • Subject to a cancellation fee equal to actual rental rate or $45 for areas with no rental charges.
  • All remaining reservations for the current semester will be cancelled.
  • Organization will be placed on probation for the following (non-summer) semester.
  • While on probation, organizations are permitted to use and request space; however, the first late cancellation or no show that occurs while on probation will result in suspension of reservation privileges and cancellation of remaining reservations.

Appeals to have reservation privileges reinstated will be reviewed by the Reitz Union Board of Managers and the Office of Event Services Director.

When space is reserved for use as a back-up location in case of inclement weather, regular charges will apply, regardless of whether the space is used, unless back up space reservation is cancelled by deadlines noted above.
Rental rates are subject to change without notice. The Office of Event Services forwards billing paperwork to the Business Office at the end of each month. Specific billing requirements are as follows:

Student Government (SG) Funded Student Organizations:

  • Student Organizations that are funded by SG must secure funding from SG Finance three weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your event.

Non-SG Funded Student Organizations:

  • Student Organizations that are NOT funded by SG must provide a complete billing address at the time the reservation is made. An invoice will be sent following the event and payment must be received within 30 days.

UF Departments:

  • Departments must provide their PeopleSoft chartfield (department ID, fund number and program code) when completing the room request form. To obtain these numbers contact the accounts payable person in your respective department. Rental fees will not be charged to the department until after the event. Departments charging the rental fees to concessions funds or Foundation accounts should indicate as such on the room request form and will be direct billed after the event. An invoice will be sent following the event and payment must be received within 30 days.

Non-University Groups:

  • Non-University Groups must provide a complete billing address at the time the reservation is made. Full payment of all rental fees is due two weeks prior to the event unless other billing arrangements have been made. No deposit is required to guarantee the reservation. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check (payable to the University of Florida), MasterCard or Visa.

Groups with outstanding bills owed for more than 60 days will be restricted from reserving additional space until such bills are paid in full.

Groups with outstanding bills owed for more than 120 days will be suspended from reserving additional space until such bills are paid. In addition, any future reservations will be cancelled and the group will need to resubmit a room reservation request once all outstanding payments have been received and their account restrictions have been lifted. A hold may also be place on the contact person’s University records.

All organizations wishing to claim a tax exemption must provide appropriate verification at the time a reservation is made. When a reservation is made a group’s tax status will be determined, this status can be updated before the event occurs. A group’s tax status will not be changed after an event takes place in cases where a 3rd party provides payment for a specific event. For example, a taxable student organization makes a reservation and holds an event. The event is charged sales tax based on the tax status of the student organization. If a UF department (non-taxable organization) later decides to pay for the organization’s event the taxes will not be waived because the event was originally charged tax based on the tax status of the organization making the reservation and holding the event. Some examples of tax exempt organizations include UF departments, SG funded student organizations and tax exempt businesses with a tax exempt certificate.
All food served at functions within the Reitz Union must be purchased through Classic Fare Catering. Classic Fare Catering can be reached at (352) 392-3463 or on their website.

Exceptions will be made for general meetings of registered UF student organizations where food is being provided for group members only. Large events such as assemblies or banquets, or events that are open to the public will require food to be catered by Classic Fare Catering. Student Organizations wishing to serve ethnic food should meet with a representative from Classic Fare Catering to determine their options.
Events organized by or co-sponsored with IRHA and/or RPB that plan to serve carnival type foods (i.e. popcorn, sno cones, cotton candy, etc.) are permitted to use the carnival food equipment owned by IRHA and/or RPB. All other events will be referred to Classic Fare Catering to reserve the appropriate food, equipment and staffing.
Student groups providing their own food for general meetings must comply with the following policies:

Approved foods: Student Groups will be permitted to bring in nonperishable snacks and beverages (must be Pepsi products, including Aquafina bottled water), and similar “store-bought” prepared foods such as cookies and birthday cakes.

Prohibited Food Items: Student Groups are prohibited from “pot-luck” type items that require refrigeration, heating, or similar temperature control in order to preserve food quality and safety. Items such as pizzas, deli trays, and other prepared or hot foods are prohibited as these are readily available from approved Classic Fare Catering at market prices.

Locations: Food items noted above will only be permitted in public lounge areas, meeting rooms and the auditorium. Outside food is prohibited in the Grand Ballroom, Rion Ballroom, Arredondo Cafe, Matthews Suite and Food Court.

Use of Building Facilities: Student Groups will not have access to University or Reitz Union food preparation facilities or related equipment and supplies, including but not limited to: kitchens, refrigerators, ice machines, ovens, and/or stoves. Use of hot plates, crock pots, open flame burners, canned heat (Sterno), chafing fuels, or similar methods or products by students or student groups is prohibited at all times.

Cleanup: Student Groups are responsible for cleaning up following activities where food is brought in. All trash should be disposed of appropriate trash receptacles located in the room or surrounding area. Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services will assess cleaning charges or deposits if personnel are required to provide clean-up services and/or if furnishings or facilities are damaged or soiled.

Events serving or selling alcohol must abide by the University’s Alcoholic Beverages Policy. The complete policy can be found under the Public Functions link at (2.019). The sale and/or service of alcohol on UF property is subject to the approval of the University President. To receive permission, complete the Alcohol Event Approval Form.

  • Alcohol is not permitted during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Alcohol is only permitted in designated and pre-approved areas.
  • The Office of Event Services must be informed that alcohol will be served at least three weeks prior to the event.
  • The sponsoring organization must arrange for an individual(s) to monitor event exits to ensure that attendees do not take alcoholic beverages into the common areas of the Reitz Union. If the sponsoring organization cannot provide individuals for this purpose, arrangements can be made with the Classic Fare Catering office at an additional cost.
  • The University Police Department will be notified that alcohol will be served and may require security personnel to be present for the event at an additional charge to the group.
  • Events at which alcoholic beverages are sold require a liquor license issued by the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. The sale of alcoholic beverages is defined to include, but not limited to, the following activities or conditions:
    — An admission fee to the event is charged
    — Cups are sold
    — Tickets are sold
    — Donations are collected by the group, or any of its members, sponsoring the function
    — Cash or anything else of value is collected

To obtain a license from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, contact the district office at 240 NW 76th Drive, Suite B or call (352) 333-2515 at least three weeks prior to the event.

Information concerning room setup (i.e. stage, tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, etc.) for the Rion Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, the Auditorium, and large outdoor events should be given to the Office of Event Services no less than two weeks prior to the event. Final placement of furnishings and equipment is at the discretion of Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services and may be influenced by safety regulations and/or concerns. Failure to provide this information within this time frame may result in the cancellation of the event. Room rental costs include one room set up per day. Requests for additional set ups in a single day will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may result in additional charges. Groups shall not rearrange moveable walls, furniture, podiums, or audio visual equipment in any of the locations. Any damages that result from groups attempting to move these items on their own will be the responsibility of the organization sponsoring the event.
Any changes to your setup should be made no later than two business days prior to the event. Our ability to accommodate last minute changes is based on time, staff availability and resources. Requests for such changes will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Complicated room setups and last minute changes may result in additional charges.
Audio-visual equipment including, but not limited to projectors, wired/wireless microphones, floor podiums, etc. may be reserved through the Office of Event Services for use in Reitz Union facilities. More elaborate sound and lighting packages are available for rent but availability of these packages is limited and they must be operated by AV Services staff. Arrangements for these packages must be made at least two weeks prior to the event. There may be costs associated with certain audio-visual equipment. If AV Services is unable to provide assistance for your event, then a list of alternative vendors who may be able to provide support can be provided.

Groups may bring their own basic audio-visual equipment at no additional charge, with approval from the Office of Event Services; however, our personnel will not assume responsibility for the set up or troubleshooting of such equipment and this equipment cannot be connected to house sound systems. AV Services does not provide, troubleshoot issues, or operate laptop computers. A limited number of adapters are included with use of a projector; however, it is recommended that individuals provide their own adapter to connect to the projector. Without prior testing, we cannot guarantee compatibility with or proper adapters to connect to our projectors.

Non-amplified music such as piano or a cappella singing in meeting rooms should be kept to a low volume so as not to disturb meetings in adjacent rooms. If the Office of Event Services or the Building Supervisor receives noise complaints, the group may be asked to reduce the volume or end the program.

The use of amplified sound such as voice, background music, and video/movies is permitted in the following Reitz Union indoor locations: Rion Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, Arredondo Cafe and Auditorium. Live musical performances by individual performers or groups are limited to the Rion Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, Auditorium, Amphitheatre, and North Lawn. Some locations have time restrictions. Specific audio-visual equipment required to properly support these activities may have additional costs or may need to be provided by an outside vendor.

Organizations tabling in outdoor locations may display a video or provide music at their table as long as the sound does not exceed normal conversation levels and is not heard more than 3′ from the table.

Amplified recorded or live music on the Amphitheatre or North Lawn are limited to Fridays between 6 pm and 10 pm and Saturdays or Sundays between 9 am and 10 pm.

AV Services staff will maintain control of volume levels for all audio-visual packages they operate in order to protect the equipment and respond to noise complaints during events. All audience members and event participants assume all risks involved in exposure to high sound levels.

Any Office of Event Services, Student Engagement, and/or University Police Department (UFPD) personnel has the authority to manage sound levels and, therefore, may require a permitted event to turn down the volume to a reasonable decibel level appropriate for the venue and event.

Individual organization tabling is permitted in the Outdoor Tabling Area, North Terrace, and North Lawn. Large tabling events should reserve and plan to use all three locations. The Amphitheatre or North Lawn may be a suitable location for a special event depending on event size and needs. Final Determination of proper location for the event will be made by the Office of Event Services office. Limitations apply to amplified sound in these areas.
Wireless internet access is available throughout the Reitz Union. If a wired connection (gaming, content streaming, etc.) is required for your event please notify Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services office at least three weeks in advance so arrangements can be made. UF faculty, staff and students will need their Gatorlink username and password to access the internet. Non-university persons can obtain a guest username and password by accessing the UF Visitor wireless network upon arrival and providing the requested information.
All decorations require approval from the Office of Event Services at least two weeks prior to the event. Magnets are available for checkout to use for hanging decorations from ceiling tiles or on ballroom divider walls. All magnets must be returned immediately following the event or financial charges will apply.
All equipment, decorations, etc. provided by the group must be removed immediately following the event. Additional charges may be applied to your group if removal of items or extensive cleaning by staff is required.

Prohibited items:

  • Taping, stapling, gluing or otherwise attaching items to anywalls, doors, curtains, windows, posts, columns, floors or ceilings
  • Glitter and confetti
  • Fog, mist, or bubble machines

Items with Restrictions:

  • Banners can be hung by Productions staff in both the Rion and the Grand Ballrooms for an additional fee. Deliver the banner to the Office of Event Services at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Candles may be used as part of table centerpieces only. Every candle must be enclosed in a glass container that is at least one inch taller than the height of the flame. Additional safety measures may be required at the discretion of the Office of Event Services.
  • Unsecured helium tanks cannot be brought into the main part of the building. If helium is needed for ballroom decorations, please contact Student
  • Strobe lights may be used during an event as long as signage is posted at the entrance doors warning participants about the lighting effects used during the performance.
  • Plants and small trees must be self-contained with a tray to keep water and soil off the floor.
  • Any painting of signage or props must take place outdoors and efforts should be made to protect underlying surfaces from spills and overspray.
The user is responsible for the cost of repairs to the facility and repair or replacement of equipment in the event of any damage caused during the event. The user may incur additional charges if future events are affected by the damage.
Notify the Office of Event Services two weeks prior to the event of any rental equipment, such as staging, tents, plants, flowers, linens, balloons, audio-visual equipment, etc., obtained for your event. The area you have reserved may be in use prior to and/or immediately following your event, and it may be necessary to schedule these deliveries and pickups for a particular day and time.
Animals other than those required for personal assistance, i.e. seeing-eye guide dogs, are not permitted in the Reitz Union.
Assistive listening devices are available for use in some locations and can be arranged in advance through the Office of Event Services or on the day of the event by contacting the Building Supervisor.

The Rion and Grand Ballroom stages can be constructed with a wheelchair accessible ramp. Arrangements for the ramp can be made through Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services. At least two weeks advance notice is appreciated.

The Office of Event Services is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to users of the facilities. All items found will be turned in to the Reitz Union Information Desk on Level 1. Items will be retained for a reasonable period and then forwarded to the University Police Department.
The Visitor Welcome Center and Bookstore parking garage is adjacent to the Reitz Union. Parking fees apply Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Reserved parking can be arranged for conferences and special events by contacting the Transportation and Parking Services administrative office at 352-392-8048 or submitting a reservation request.

The Office of Event Services does not have the authority to waive parking fees or fines assessed by UF.

If you have chartered buses to transport your guests to and/or from the Reitz Union please inform the driver(s) that loading and unloading is prohibited in the Reitz Union circle drive. The driver(s) must use McCarty Drive in front of the McGuire Theatre and Dance Pavilion for loading and unloading passengers.

Student Organization Specific



  • All advertisements must have the student organization logo represented; marketing materials cannot reference the sale, consumption or distribution of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Posters and flyers may only be placed on public bulletin boards around campus (no trees, walls, doors, cars, etc.). Posting of materials in on-campus housing facilities requires permission from the Department of Housing and Residence Education.
  • No organization may leave stacks of printed materials unattended, distribute materials inside university buildings, and/or force materials on individuals or throw on ground.
Alcoholic beverages may be served or sold at an on-campus function sponsored by a student organization only in very limited situations. Prior written approval from the Dean of Students Office and an event permit from Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services are required. Your organization is responsible for following the law and being safe. Please review the University of Florida Alcohol Policy for more information.

To request alcohol at a student organization event please email

Any requests for amplified sound usage must be cleared through Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services. Amplified sound is not permitted during class time outdoors on campus or during the day outside in the area around Turlington Plaza. See the UF Regulations on Use of University Facilities; Outdoor Areas for more information on amplified sound.
There are 10 banner locations on campus (6 at the Reitz Union, 4 in Plaza of the Americas). Reservations must be made through Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services. Organizations may reserve banner space for up to 5 days in a 30 day period (month). Reservations can only be made 30 days out from the date requested. All banners must come down by 5pm on the last day reserved. See the UF Banner Policy for rules and size restrictions.

Requests for banner locations can be be made through Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services.

A contract is needed any time an individual or business is being paid to perform a service. This includes but is not limited to: Bands (any musical performance), Lecturer/Speaker (any person presenting a lecture), DJ, Graphic Designers, Instructors (yoga, dance), etc.

If your Student Organization is Student Government funded, Student Activities & Involvement must be involved in all contact with agents for speakers, negotiations, offers, and the completion of the contract. A verbal offer on the phone is considered binding. Student organizations may not legally do contracts with outside vendors. The contract process must begin at least 20 business days (4 weeks) in advance.

For non-Student Government funded organizations you may work with Student Legal Services to review contracts.

Collaboration with other stakeholders and organizations on campus is recommended and promotes University partnerships. A Co-Sponsorship Agreement Form is recommended for proper communication and administration of your co-sponsored events. This form can be found in GatorConnect as part of the permitting process.

If you are approached about a “co-sponsorship” by non-university groups or commercial vendors, please contact Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services to have the inquiry reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Do not reserve meeting rooms for these vendors. Your organization must be the main sponsor and the headliner on all promotional materials (i.e. the Reitz Programming Board presents…). Promotional materials may be reviewed by Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services.

All student organization events or programs (excluding general organization meetings), that take place on University grounds, require an Event Permit obtained by completing a request through GatorConnect. The purpose of this permit request is to help student organizations run their event smoothly and to identify what areas of campus need to be notified about a specific event. It is the responsibility of the organization’s President to designate officers in the organization who can submit permit requests.

Submitting an Event Permit
Permits need to be submitted AT LEAST 3 weeks (15 business days) in advance. Note that only officers of an organization listed in GatorConnect will be able to submit a permit.

  • Log into GatorConnect
  • Select My Organization on the top
  • Choose which organization you are submitting a permit for
  • Click on Create a New Permit on the left-hand side
  • Choose your permit type and complete all required fields
  • Review and submit permit
  • Check back to answer any questions from the Office of Event Services or campus partners in the notes section

After a permit is approved, an automated email will be sent to the officer who submitted the permit. As a reminder, a permit request does not reserve any space for an event – you will need to go through the office that manages the space.

For any questions regarding event permits please email

Use, possession, display, or storage by any student organization of any explosive device, pyrotechnic device or fireworks is prohibited on all land and buildings owned, leased, or under the control of the University of Florida. The use of fireworks displays or special effect production will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services in accordance with the Fire Safety for Public Outdoor Display of Fireworks Policy by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and must be approved by EH&S and the venue. The approval process takes about 4 weeks.
The UF Food Contract states the J. Wayne Reitz Union and surrounding areas are restricted to using Aramark/Classic Fare Catering (see Reitz Union food policy). The sale of any food by student organizations is prohibited. Any food given away must be prepared in kitchens inspected by the Health Department (i.e., restaurants or caterers) so you may not bake anything in your home kitchens and give it away. For a complete list of Approved Catering Vendors visit UF Catering.
Fundraisers are allowed on campus in a limited way. For fundraising events that are held on campus, all funds raised must be donated to a charitable cause or be used for educational purposes (conference travel, programs, competition, lectures or forums, etc.). If you have other ideas for a fundraiser outside of the list below, please contact someone in Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services.

Approved Fundraising Activities on Campus

  • Penny Voting
  • Silent Auctions
  • T-shirt, button, hat, etc., sales (only if item is personalized for event or student organization)
  • Collection of dues for student membership (for non SG-funded organizations only)
  • 3-5K Run or Walk
  • Walkathon
  • Face tattoos or painting (organization must work w/ the University Athletic Association if for an athletic event)
  • Photos w/ famous people (UF faculty, sports figures, president)
  • Dunking booths

Fundraising Activities not Allowed on Campus

  • Raffles or gambling
  • Bake (or any food) sales
  • Flea Markets
  • Car Bashes
  • Date Auctions
  • Food Eating or Drinking Contests
  • Live Animals or Petting Zoos
  • Slip-n-slide or homemade novelties
  • Haircutting (except for Locks of Love done by the Reitz Union Barbershop)
  • Makeovers
  • Credit card, telephone card, or discount card sales
  • Product sales such as magazines, clothes, CD’s, or software, etc. (any commercial items not directly related to organization or event)
  • Garage sales w/ donated items
The use of live animals on campus for entertainment purposes is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed. This includes but not limited to:

  • Petting zoos or live animal displays
  • Animal Rides
  • Animal Races
  • Shows involving animals

The use of animals for research, teaching, or exhibition is closely regulated by the federal government. High standards exist for the care and use of animals at UF. To ensure compliance with all regulations, policies and standards in place to protect animal welfare, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) members review all requests for approval to use vertebrate animals. Failure by any individual to adhere to these standards can jeopardize the University of Florida’s entire animal use program.

Run/Walks on campus can happen on a first come, first served basis, via 5k registration day or submission of an event permit. They are limited to Saturdays or Sundays of non-home football game weekends. Organizations can select from the below pre-approved routes:

  • The Boot
  • Fraternity Row
  • Southwest Recreation
  • Stadium 3k

Organizations are responsible for all University Police (UPD) and other related expenses (approximately $365 for UPD).

Staked tents are not allowed unless proper a dig permit is filed and approved with the Facilities Services at least 2 weeks in advance.
Tabling is allowed in four locations : Reitz Union, Turlington Plaza, Newell Hall, and Plaza of the Americas (link each tabling location to map pdf). Each organization can request to table up to 10 times in a 30 day period (per month). At your organization’s table, make sure you do NOT:

  • Use amplified sound at either location except for a portable radio (laptop)
  • Use extension cords across either location at any time
  • Block any pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Allow vehicles to be parked on either location

Requests for tabling reservations can be be made through Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services.

Non-University Specific

The Reitz Union facilities are not available to non-university groups on a regular basis (i.e. weekly or monthly meetings). A tentative hold can be placed on space for 30 days. Failure to confirm the reservation within that time frame will result in the tentative hold being cancelled.

Contact the Office of Event Services to inquire about available space for your event. Be prepared to provide a preferred event date, time, number of attendees, seating style, and other specific event needs.

Non-University groups are required to either provide proof of Event Liability Insurance coverage or Student Engagement’s Office of Event Services will purchase a non-refundable University of Florida Special Event Liability Insurance policy directly. The application will be completed by the Event Services office approximately three weeks prior to the event. This non-refundable premium must be pre-paid and the rates are based on the type of event and the number of people attending. A rate quote may be obtained from the Event Services office.

If providing own coverage, the policy must meet the following requirements:

  • Limits $1,000,000 on Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • The carrier must be licensed to do business in the State of Florida and possess at least a “B” Best rating.
  • The policy must name as additional insureds:
    1. 1. The State of Florida
      2. Florida Board of Governors
      3. University of Florida Board of Trustees
      4. The University of Florida
      5. The J. Wayne Reitz Union
One chaperone is required to be present for every 15 students in the group. The chaperones must remain with the students at all times. Please explain to students that they are expected to behave maturely and to respect the building and grounds. Vandalism will not be tolerated.